We get asked all types of questions here at Airon. Have a read through below and if you have a question not listed below or would like to talk more about how we can help you air condition you home or office, then get in contact with us today.

Which air conditioner is the best one to purchase?2019-09-11T17:57:35+10:00

You always pay for what you purchase. Think about paying a little more for a better brand like Mitsubishi or Panasonic.

Spend some time checking reviews online is always a good idea.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water inside my home?2019-09-11T18:00:48+10:00

There is an issue with the drain outlet, The drain may be blocked and will require a service call.

How to know if my air conditioner needs servicing?2019-09-11T18:01:18+10:00

Low air flow, bad odors, bad vibrations or leaking water is all signs that your air conditioner requires maintenance.

Is an air condition compressor repairable?2019-09-11T18:01:49+10:00

Usually when a compressor is faulty it is able to be replaced but it can become costly. We will let you know of the best way forward in your situation.

How do I know if I should replace or repair my air conditioner?2019-09-11T18:02:12+10:00

Depending on the age of the system or faulty parts to be replaced. We will assess each on a case by case basis and provide you a full recommendation.

Why do air conditioners produce water? Is that harmful?2019-09-11T18:02:36+10:00

The evaporation coil temperature is much cooler than the air on the coil. The difference create precipitation or moisture. The water is safe and is simply water from the atmosphere.

How much does air conditioning units cost?2019-09-11T18:02:57+10:00

Usually all companies provide a free measure and quote as every installation is uniquely different.

What is gas topping in AC maintenance service?2019-09-11T18:03:17+10:00

All systems with good pipework seals should never require re-gassing.

What is the average cost of air condition service man?2019-09-11T18:03:40+10:00

Usually between $60 – $120. This also depends on your location in relation to ours.

What problems do we face with an air conditioners?2019-09-11T18:03:58+10:00

No cooling or heating. Outdoor unit issues. Air Conditioner turning off. All of these issues we can easily resolve and fix with an onsite visit.

How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?2019-09-11T18:04:22+10:00

Your air conditioning service should be conducted every 6 months for commercial applications and every 12 months for homes and residential units.

Why is regular air conditioner maintenance necessary?2019-09-11T18:05:48+10:00

Air conditioning maintenance is necessary to expand the systems working life and to keep your air conditioning in good working order.

How efficient are air conditioners?2019-09-11T18:06:10+10:00

These days, air conditioning systems are extremely efficient. Correct setting the temperature makes the biggest difference.

What is air conditioning?2019-09-11T18:06:28+10:00

Air conditioning is the controlling of humidity and temperature to a confined space.

How much does air conditioning units cost?2019-09-11T18:06:53+10:00

Costs vary depending on the physical area required to be air conditioned. Contact us for a risk free quote.

Can you install an outside AC unit in the rain?2019-09-11T18:07:11+10:00

The unit itself is weatherproof and can withstand rain, however, it’s not a good idea when physically installing an actual air conditioning system in wet weather.

How to find a good air conditioning installer?2019-09-11T18:07:30+10:00

Talk to us!

Otherwise, we like to think someone who is friendly, professional and is known for their good workmanship.

What are the different types of air conditioners?2019-09-11T18:08:53+10:00

Most common air conditioning systems are, ducted throughout your home / office or a wall mounted split system.

Is it necessary to service your air conditioning?2019-09-11T18:08:04+10:00

It’s important to ensure that filters are clean, drains and components are checked every 6 – 12 months.

Why is an air conditioning service important?2019-09-11T18:08:25+10:00

Air conditioning servicing is essential to maintain and ensure the efficiency of the system and that the unit is in good working order.

Just like your car, an air conditioning unit that is not regularly services will run the risk of break down and will cost you more money in the long run.

How to choose the right air conditioning repairer?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

We always like to think that honesty and reliability are the true keys to an excellent tradesman.

What discounts do you offer?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

We are pleased to offer a 10% pensioner discount.

Do you supply Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Dakin and Fujitsu brands?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

As air conditioning technicians and installers, we get to see how the various brands stack up against each other, including which air conditioners perform the best and last the longest, with the least problems.

This is why we prefer Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

Having said this, we supply and service any brand, so it’s really up to you if you prefer one brand over another. We do the lot!

Do you do insurance work?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

Yes we do and advise our clients to check their policies to see if their air conditioning equipment is covered.

For example, if your air conditioner is 10 years old and it has just failed, we recommend looking at your insurance policy to see if includes a fusion clause.

We supply written insurance assessments and quotes for you to submit to your insurance provider for approval.

What do you check as part of your maintenance programme?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

We remove the filters, clean the coil, flush the drains, check plumbing  joints, and then check the power connectors to make sure they aren’t damaged by corrosion or if there is any hot spots.

We also check all the wiring, including ensuring that vermin hasn’t chewed anything or caused damage.

Finally, we check the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, clean the coil outdoor unit, check the gas and scope for any oil leaks.

How do you treat air conditioning mould and bacteria?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

Mould and bacteria can hamper air flow and cause health problems with your home or office’s occupants. Our advanced service neutralises this threat. It involves a complete dismantling of your indoor unit and a full clean.

Bacteria control with ducted systems requires specialist expertise. Our skilled technicians understand how to combat bacteria, which often grows in your moist ducted system over winter, and is then discharged throughout your house when you turn it on again in summer.

To combat this, we use top quality air purifiers, clean the coils and introduce a fresh lemon scent. In problematic situations, we have a specialist product about the size of the butter container that attracts mould and bacteria. This prevents it from spreading throughout your air conditioning system and compromising it.

What maintenance services do you offer?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

We service and maintain split systems, ducted systems and cassette systems with filters, terminals and hot joints.

Our salty sub-tropical environment can be harsh on air conditioning equipment. This, together with the dust and sand that your air conditioner sucks in can cause significant damage to your equipment. Our Salt Away service is great for reducing corrosion on your air conditioner, protecting your investment.

What other air conditioning services do you provide?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

Ventilation. Some of our additional services include kitchen ventilation from a range hood, barbecue hood ventilation and fresh air supply and ventilation.

Skylights. We also install skylights to introduce natural light into dark areas.

Whirlybirds. We recommend the installation of whirlybird roof ventilators. These are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce dampness in winter and remove heat from your roof space in summer.

Fume extraction. If you have a home studio, we can quickly and easily install fume extraction systems to improve health and safety.

Underfloor ventilation. This is particularly effective for removing dampness and unpleasant odours by extracting moist air and circulating fresh air to keep your underfloor area dry. An effective way to do this is by installing an underfloor ventilation system, which can be manually controlled, or run off a timer.

Bathroom ventilation. Instead of using the usual ceiling extraction fan that just relocates the moist hot air from your bathroom into your roof cavity, we install ducted outlets. These extract all the moisture and bad odours and duct them outside your home via a grill under your roof eve. This stops odours getting trapped in your roof cavity, then permeating back down into your living areas. Having trapped air in your roof space can also decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Small to large installations. We cater for any sized premises, ranging from small homes or apartments through to very large houses that require commercial-grade equipment.

Do you provide a service guarantee?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

We guarantee installations for up to 12 months. If anything should happen after installation, we cover parts and labour.

We only work with reputable suppliers, with the manufacturer generally providing a 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Do you provide free quotes?2019-09-11T15:14:15+10:00

Yes, we provide free, no obligation quotes. This includes key aspects of purchase and installation, including the size of the system that’s required, where customers want the controllers positioned, as well as the location of the return air and air conditioning outlets.

Budget is, of course, a key consideration that we cover as part of our free quotes.

How to improve your air conditioner efficiency?2019-09-11T14:42:18+10:00

Conduct regular servicing on your air conditioning system with will include filter cleans and removal of objects in the condensing unit.

Read more about our maintenance services.

Why is my air conditioning not cooling properly?2019-09-11T14:45:25+10:00

Air conditioning systems usually stop cooling properly due to lack of air flow, if filters are blocked, there is a gas leak or another internal component issue.

We fix and service air conditioners. Talk to us!



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