Ventilation. Some of our additional services include kitchen ventilation from a range hood, barbecue hood ventilation and fresh air supply and ventilation.

Skylights. We also install skylights to introduce natural light into dark areas.

Whirlybirds. We recommend the installation of whirlybird roof ventilators. These are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce dampness in winter and remove heat from your roof space in summer.

Fume extraction. If you have a home studio, we can quickly and easily install fume extraction systems to improve health and safety.

Underfloor ventilation. This is particularly effective for removing dampness and unpleasant odours by extracting moist air and circulating fresh air to keep your underfloor area dry. An effective way to do this is by installing an underfloor ventilation system, which can be manually controlled, or run off a timer.

Bathroom ventilation. Instead of using the usual ceiling extraction fan that just relocates the moist hot air from your bathroom into your roof cavity, we install ducted outlets. These extract all the moisture and bad odours and duct them outside your home via a grill under your roof eve. This stops odours getting trapped in your roof cavity, then permeating back down into your living areas. Having trapped air in your roof space can also decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Small to large installations. We cater for any sized premises, ranging from small homes or apartments through to very large houses that require commercial-grade equipment.